December 2022


Take Action TODAY!

Week of Action is December 5 – 9th! Visit the Patients & Providers for Medical Nutrition Equity site for up to date ways to help, including emailing your legislators, posting on social media, and signing the petition to show the overwhelming support for medical nutrition equity. Please encourage other clinic members and patients to take action as well.

Below is a template email to send to patients and families.


Dear All,

Tremendous progress has been made building congressional support for the Medical Nutrition Equity Act (MNEA) over the last two years.  Unfortunately, the 117th Congress is ending in just a few weeks.  If they go home without passing the MNEA, we will have to start from GROUND ZERO in January.  We need your help to make sure that doesn’t happen!

Please do your part to GET MNEA OVER THE FINISH LINE

Congress needs to hear from as many individuals that care about this issue as possible.  Take a couple minutes to voice your support and encourage friends and family to do the same.

Let’s do this! #MNEAFinishLine



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