Nutrition Guideline Project

Synopsis of the Process used for Guideline Development:



GMDI is collaborating with the Southeast Regional Genetics Network in an HRSA-funded project to develop nutrition guidelines for metabolic disorders. Each guideline has been developed using a rigorous process that includes analysis of published and gray literature, surveys of practitioners and a nominal group of expert providers, researchers and consumers. The process is further described here.



Many thanks to the GMDI Members who have contributed to the Nutrition Guideline Project:

Principal Investigator (PI): Rani Singh
Co-PI: Fran Rohr

Core Group

Mary Sowa
Erin MacLeod
Krista Viau
Elaina Jurecki
Keiko Ueda
Sandy Van Calcar
Amy Cunningham
Shideh Mofidi


PKU Workgroup:

Chairs Amy Cunningham and Shideh Mofidi

  • Debra Hook
  • Laura Jeffers
  • Helen McCune
  • Kathryn Moseley
  • Beth Ogata
  • Surekha Pendyal
  • Jill Skrabal
  • Ann Wessel


MSUD Workgroup:

Chair Diane Frazier

  • Courtney Allgeier
  • Anne Boney
  • Caroline Homer
  • Barbara Marriage
  • Beth Ogata
  • Diana Pantalos


VLCAD Workgroup: 

Chairs Sandy van Calcar and Mary Sowa

  • Jennifer Beazer
  • Laura Duncan
  • Shirley Farkas
  • Joyanna Hansen
  • Debra Hook
  • Kristen Narlow
  • Jessica Myers
  • Sureka Pendyal
  • Lindsay Raub
  • Tyler Setlock
  • Jill Skrabal
  • Aime Thompson
  • Lee Shelly Wallace
  • Tarine Weihe


PROP Workgroup:

Chairs: Keiko Ueda and Elaina Jurecki

  • Dianne Frazier
  • Christie Hussa
  • Julie McClure
  • Laura Nagy
  • Lisa Obernolte
  • Matthew Raspberry
  • Bridget Reineking
  • Ann Marie Roberts
  • Aime Thompson
  • Steven Yannicelli

UCD Workgroup

  • Abby Hall
  • Brandi Nichols
  • Brandy Rawls-Castillo
  • Casey Campbell
  • Chanel Suares
  • Jessica Kopesky
  • Jessica Myers
  • Katie Arduini
  • Laura Nagy
  • Matthew Rasberry
  • Pedro Tope




(Updated April 2023)

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