Technology Committee


Jessica Williamson, MS, RD, LD

Nathaly Aquino, MS, RD, LD

Committee Members

Alexa Bledsoe   Brandy Rawls
Taryn Bosdet   Theresa Rink
Sarah Chamberlain   Kristin Spence
Charli Harlen   Danielle Starin
Jessica Kopesky   Sarah Sullivan
Grace Noh   Becca Zywicki
Beth Ogata    
Jennifer Beazer - Metabolic Pro Consultant









Goal and Objectives:

  • Advise GMDI on matters related to the use of new technology in promoting GMDI's mission.
  • Liaison with technology contractors to implement GMDI projects.


  • Manage MetabolicPro, a diet analysis program developed by GMDI for metabolic dietitians.
    • Updating database to keep information current.
    • Enhancing program features to meet needs of dietitians.
    • Coordinating with Communications Committe to market the program.
    • ‚ÄčEnsuring a safe and secure program by investigating and addressing security concerns raised by users and their institutions.
  • Manage the technical aspects of the GMDI website, GMDI's main communication tool, member database and e-commerce system.

Updated April, 2023

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