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A Message from the GMDI President

  March 2017

  Well, my term as President is coming to an end.  I would like to welcome Melanie Gillingham as our new
  president starting April 2017.  The transition will be a piece of cake compared to the US presidential
  election!  I would like to start out with thanking our amazing Board of Directors and all the members who
  participate in the various committees.  It is with your hard work that the organization continues to thrive.

  I would also like to take this opportunity to honor two of our past presidents; Kathy Camp 2008-2009
and Dianne Frazier 2011-2012. Kathy retired from the Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) this past
December where she served as Senior Scientific Policy Analyst and consultant since 2010. Before joining
ODS, Kathy was at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Georgetown University Medical Center for 20
  years involved in the nutritional management of inborn errors of metabolism.  We will miss her in
  Washington and need to fill a gap in genetic nutrition policy. If anyone is interested in working with
 government to help shape nutrition policy for metabolic disorders, please let me know.

  For Dianne Frazier, I am not sure we can say she has truly retired! Although in 2012 she became a
  Professor Emeritus at University of North Carolina (UNC), Chapel Hill and left her position as metabolic
  nutrition specialist and associate director of the biochemical genetics and metabolism, she seems to be
  drawn back in to provide her services. I can imagine after 28 years of dedicated service, it is difficult for
  UNC to let Dianne go. GMDI always thinks of Dianne when we have large projects to tackle from nutrition
  guidelines to position papers. Please don’t “really retire” Dianne!

Well….we did it! GMDI is officially on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Thanks to the Communications and Advocacy group for making this happen, and to all of you who are visiting these sites. I have to admit –I am still scared of Twitter.

The Conference Committee is working hard on organizing our 2018 meeting and we have already committed to holding a joint meeting in 2020 with SIMD. This will be a great opportunity for GMDI. Suggestions for speakers are always welcome, so feel free to contact Bridget Wardley or Amie Thompson with your ideas.

The Education Committee under the guidance of Mary Sowa and Shideh Mofidi has formed a team to look at accreditation and credentialing for metabolic dietitians. This project has made some real progress, so stay tuned. More Web Ex seminars coming this year as well

We are continuing to work on updating the website. Please send a note to Sarah Sullivan, Mari Mazon or Nancy with your suggestions. Also let us know what you use and find helpful.

The Nutrition Guidelines project in cooperation with the Southeast Regional Genetics Collaborative (SERC) is moving along. The Propionic Acidemia guidelines are near completion and a VLCAD working group has been started.

All of this progress would not be possible without the great volunteer work that many of you do.  The Membership Committee who is constantly trying to increase our numbers; the Research Committee, trying to keep us up-to date on highlighting new articles; the Editorial committee who among other tasks  produces this newsletter; Christie Hussa who manages our finances and the list goes on. And last but not least, a special thanks to Nancy Callanan, our Executive Manager - she is the glue that holds us together. THANKS!

Warm Regards,


Barbara Marriage
GMDI President

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