MSUD Resource: Leucine and Protein Content of Foods


     This is a searchable PDF file. 
     To search for a specific food click on the search symbol [  ]  in the menu bar at the top of
     each page.

     Please be sure to follow these instructions in order to use the search feature:

     1.  Click to download the file
     2.  Save the downloaded file to a convenient folder or to your desktop
     3.  Open this saved file (it should open with Acrobat Reader)
                                                                [Click here to download latest free version of Acrobat Reader]
                                             4.  The  should show up in the menu bar
                                             5.  If you do not see the menu bar, you can access it by pressing F8. 
                                                  If the symbol does not show up on the menu bar you should click on "Edit" then "Find"
                                                  in order to use the search feature.
                                             6.  Now you can type in the name of the food you are searching for







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