Meriah Schoen is a registered dietitian and doctoral candidate in Nutrition and Health Sciences at Emory University.
Meriah’s research focuses on the impact of dietary composition on neurocognitive outcomes in Phenylketonuria. She aims to optimize nutritional interventions by integrating nutritional metabolomics and nutrigenomics with traditional methods of dietary assessment.


Project Title: The Relationship between Choline Consumption and Brain-Specific Biomarkers of Oxidative Damage in Phenylketonuria

Description: Recent studies have demonstrated the immense clinical variability in cognitive outcomes among individuals with PKU. The factors contributing to this variability, however, remain largely unknown and are critical for developing new treatment strategies. This research project will cross-sectionally evaluate the relationship between one neurologically relevant nutrient, choline, and oxidative damage, which is an established contributor to the neurocognitive changes in PKU. This study will be the first to thoroughly examine choline in this patient population and evaluate oxidative damage using newly validated, brain-specific blood biomarkers. This work will provide insight on the utility of these biomarkers and the clinical relevance of monitoring choline intakes in PKU.

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