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Introducing the Nutrition Management Guidelines for Propionic Acidemia (PROP)


The Southeast Regional NBS & Genetics Collaborative (SERC) and Genetic Metabolic Dietitians International (GMDI) are proud to announce the Nutrition Management Guidelines for Propionic Acidemia (PROP). This has been a multi-year project to develop evidence and consensus based  guidelines for nutrition management of inborn errors of metabolism (IEM). The PROP guidelines are now publicly available online to all metabolic dietitians, physicians and other clinicians.


  • The Management Guideline Portal is a tool for development of guidelines of genetic metabolic disorders for which there is little published scientific evidence.
  • SERC and GMDI partnered to develop nutrition management guidelines based on our evidence and consensus DNDF1 methodology. The resulting PROP guidelines are freely available on this portal.
  • Management Guidelines cover the assessment and management of patients known to have particular metabolic disorder.
  • The practice recommendations are an effort to increase standardization of care and enable outcomes studies within and across centers.
  • When warranted by developments in PROP research and clinical practice, these guidelines will be updated periodically and will be maintained through a dynamic process.

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Many thanks to the contributors of this project which include the work group chairs and members, web developer, project manager, project coordinators, reference librarian, project consultant, project advisor, evidence analysts, dietitians, physicians, researchers, parents of children with PROP, adult patients, and reviewers. This collaborative effort has resulted in guidelines to improve the nutrition management of individuals living with IEMs.


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Rani Singh, PhD, Rd Frances Rohr, MS, RD
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SERC and Guidelines Project GMDI and Guidelines Project
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1DNDF - Delphi-Nominal Group-Delphi-Field Testing

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