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GMDI Research Grant Program

GMDI is pleased to announce the inauguration of the Junior Investigator GMDI Research Grant Program. The GMDI Research Grant award will provide $5,000 to support research in the area of metabolic nutrition and encourage GMDI members to pursue research within their institutions.

Up to two (2) $5000.00 grants will be awarded biennially.


  • To be eligible for the grant, at least one of the investigators must be a member of GMDI. Junior investigators without research experience are encouraged to apply and will be given preference in the review process.
  • Student members are eligible to apply in collaboration with their research mentor.
  • Current GMDI officers, Board of Directors, and Review Committee members are not eligible to apply for this award.


  • Projects must be completed within one year of disbursement of funds. An extension of time may be considered upon request to the Research Committee but additional funds will not be awarded.
  • Recipients must be willing to present results of their research at the next GMDI Conference.
  • Any manuscripts or materials resulting from the supported research will credit GMDI with the support provided.
  • The funded project must be reviewed by an Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects (if appropriate) or granted exempt status before funds will be distributed.


  • Funds may only be used for research expenses, including incentives for participation.
  • Funds may not be used for salary support.
  • GMDI will not cover any indirect costs.

How to apply

Applications deadline for 2020 Grant Cycle will be posted at a later date. 
Applications must be submitted by TBD and include the following:

The following items should be submitted in a single PDF file

  • Cover page: include title of investigation, names of investigators and names of institutions with which the investigators are affiliated. Not included in 5-page limit.
  • Research proposal. Limit to five (5) pages, single spaced, front only. To include:

o   Specific Aims (1 page): describe the problem, your proposed hypothesis and how you plan to address the hypothesis.
o   Significance, background and impact (1 or 2 pages): state why this problem is important to address, summarize pertinent background information and state what impact the results will have in the field of Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) for Inborn Errors of Metabolism(IEMs).
o   Methods (2 or 3 pages):  This section should include a brief explanation of the research plan including number of subjects, recruitment plans, what outcome data will be collected, and how the data will be analyzed. Please include a proposed timeline.

  • Budget outline (not included in five-page limit).
  • References (not included in five-page limit).
  • CV/Resumes of investigators (not included in five-page limit).
  • Appendix:  If applicable, include copies of pertinent material such as: letters of support from cooperating institutions or consultants, copy of consent forms, copy of Institutional Research Review Committee approval, copy of complete questionnaire if one is to be administered, etc. (not included in five-page limit).

 All application materials should be submitted electronically to 

GMDI Executive Manager, Nancy Callanan (


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